Sold by Zana Muhsen and Andrew Crofts is one of the heart-touching and sorrowful books that is based on women’s slavery and rights. The book discusses about different issues of women’s rights and conservative societies where women are neglected in every sphere of life and are being treated like animals. There isn’t any concept of equality and humanity in some conservative societies. The book has been published in 1991 and it is an international bestseller around the world.

It is the story of two sisters who were sold in North Yemen by their father. Their father took them in Yemen for a holiday trip, but unfortunately their cruel father sold them for the sake of money. Zana married with Abdullah, the son of Abdul Khada and Nadia to Muhammad. The both sisters were helpless and suffered from different sorts of evils like rape and frequent beatings. They used to write letters to their mother and make her aware about their problems and difficulties, but Abdul Khada did not let the letters reach their mother. After every passing day, their conditions were getting worse. They were treated like animals. They were forced to work all day without any food and rest. Actually, both sisters were neighbors and wanted to be together all the time, wanted to find out solutions to escape from here. But Abdul Khada did not let Zana meet with Nadia. When she tried, she was beaten cruelly. The days passed, Nadia gave birth to a baby namely Honey. Still Zana was not allowed to meet with Nadia in that moment.

Zana’s husband Abdullah had some health issues and his father took him in Saudi Arabia for his treatment. Zana used to pray for his death because she wanted to come out from these cruelties and escape. When he became fit and came in Yemen. Zana became pregnant. During her pregnancy, she faced a lot of difficulties and troubles. She used to work complete day without any healthy food and rest. Finally, she gave birth to a baby named as Marcus.

But her struggle did not stop from here rather she tried a lot to escape from this slavery. She applied different ways to make her mother aware about their conditions. After a long struggle and commitment, she became aware and reached in Yemen by the help of British media and authorities.

Zana wanted to leave Yemen immediately and go her home in England where she spent her childhood days with the family and friends. When her mother reached in Yemen and promised her daughters that she would take them out from Yemen and send them back to England.

After a long struggle she succeed. But Abdul Khada was not willing to send their grandsons in England. Therefore, Zana became compelled to leave her child Marcus and her “so called” husband. Finally, she got freedom from the cruelties of Abdul Khada and Gowad.

The book teaches different themes and encourages one to not give up until you achieve your dreams and goals of life. As same happened with Zana but she made herself strong and confident. Finally, she accomplished her goal and escaped from Yemen. The most important thing is believing that nothing is impossible and tough, I can reach my destination that is in my mind.

The most important step is to be strong and face the difficulties with courage and determination or create new opportunities for the achievement of your goal. “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Actually, Zana faced a lot of challenges, but her hope was alive, she followed her dreams though there were less chances, still she kept on trying.

“Survival can be summed up in three words, never give up. That is the heart of it really. Just keep trying.” Bear Grylls.

Sold by Zana Muhsen and Andrew Crofts is a praiseworthy piece that shapes the realities of women who are long neglected and disrespected in society. The one who is a seeker and reader should read this heart-touching piece that does not only talk about women’s rights and slavery but shows the patience of women.

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