The heart thrilling news of suicidal attempts among Pakistani students has approached to an acme spot which seems to have been avoided despite a bundle cases. According to Dove Medical Press research held at Dow Medical College, the suicide rate among medical students was 13.6% by November, 2018. Five suicidal cases during the past three months have increased the rates of suicidal ideation in medical students of Pakistan. Two dreary suicidal tidings on December, 2018 followed by a suicidal attempt of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Science (LUMHS) Student on January, 17 2019 sprinkle more points to the above calculated ratio. And the trend continues when a student of Khyber Medical College (KMC) freed his soul on February, 6 2019 and right after three days; a third year student of Bolan Medical College (BMC) chose the same suicidal path.

Studying stress, peer pressure, teacher-student discord, personal abidance and hectic routine imports mental depression which eventually grasp one’s mind and succeed in convincing to free the soul from body, the final escape (from thousand hurdles).

The enormously mushrooming rate of suicide among the medical students has elicited the need to bring this burning issue into concern. Suicidal acts have now grown to be a motivation for all the other medical students suffering from even more severe cases of depression. This death-dealing chain needs to cease and a hundred more lives need to be saved.

Mahnoor Barket

Bolan Medical College, Quetta.

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