There is an illegal teachers union in the English department of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari which decides the results of students according to their race and cast. This time they targeted Umair Razzaq and victimized him by declaring his result before the final examination. He appealed to the Vice Chancellor and the Student welfare officer to look into the matter, but for two months they couldn’t take a single action against the matter.

Finally, VC said he can’t take any action against the teachers Union. so he decided to drag the matter in public and the media in order to expose the monopoly of suspect elements in the shape of teachers who are destroying the future of students on their own will.

There are reports that the teachers union decides the results on the basis of racism and ethnicity which has raised anger among the students and the students along with social activists have started a campaign to raise the voice against the accused teachers.

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