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Dengue on the upswing in Balochistan

Dengue on the upswing in Balochistan Muneeb Maqsood

Dengue on the upswing in Balochistan Muneeb Maqsood

Dengue is on the upswing in Balochistan, wreaked by a small and dangerous mosquito, which has frightened everyone. Dengue cases continue to rekindle more problematic circumstances for the province.

A report of Gidroshia News states that more than 1350 cases of dengue virus have been reported in Balochistan – out of which 360 cases and exceeding have been reported in Kech district, including the death of two.

The report further explains the proportion of dengue cases in some areas o Balochistan’s Kech district which clearly elaborates that 234 more cases in Absor, 157 cases in Sanganisar, 135 cases in Gokdan, 121 cases in Dashti Bazaar, Malikabad reported 62 cases, 52 cases in Koshkalat, 82 cases of dengue in Tehsil Buleda, 86 cases in Tehsil Dasht while 45 cases were reported in Tump. These cases persist to upsurge with an unstoppable full-stop. Each day Balochistan is reporting more than 20 cases in each area.

Unfortunately, the non-availability of dengue-testing facilities thwarts the citizens to treat them. Some health workers in the city’s governmental hospital stated, “kits for dengue virus are still unavailable.” People are compelled to head towards private hospitals but not everyone can afford to be tested in a private hospital. This makes people unaware whether they are infected with dengue or not.

Thus, it becomes mandatory and foremost responsibility of district administration, taking into coordination the provincial health minister, who belongs to Turbat city, to facilitate all the government hospitals so that common masses have their dengue tests there freely and timely.

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