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Social media and Baloch!

Recently, a post went viral on Instagram in which the people were accusing some unidentified subjects for sharing their personal post without their consent.

On a broad note, it is a fixed notion in our deteriorating society where the subjects share their personal posts themselves and put the blame squarely on others if unclothed.

Why to accuse others for the wrongdoings if you are one of them?

Today, everyone has started pointing out the mistkes of others and had never bothered themselves to make sure their hands are clean. As a handful of Baloch females are mostly seen sharing their personal pictures or data on social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so, on.

“We are naked, fully clothed.”

The Baloch culture stands like a mirror and reflects that our ancestors and forefathers cared for the very honour and respect of our female counterparts. But by now, by dint of modernism everything stands reversed in our society and the youth’s mind has completely transformed. They are trying to imitate alien cultures.

Dear sisters and brothers, if you are unable to keep your personal data with yourself then why to blame others.

If you want to be respected in the society, respect yourself first.

Eram Gul

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