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The Baloch News provides a platform to the students and youngsters who have the desire to express their views about situations happening around them in their surrounding. So the Baloch News publishes the letters of the students and youngsters who have started writing and wish to improve themselves in writing field.

Honor killing is an act of murder in which a person gets victimized of death for his/her actual perceived and immoral behavior, dispite a legal reform it remains a common practice in Pakistan today.

Gender inequality

The received statistics for equality represents a gloomy picture of women being harshly treated by our so called patriarchal society in spite of pro-women laws been approved by the state- no matter yet remains untranslated into real ground works....
Religious extremism is increasing day by day in some parts of Balochistan and I am afraid that the next Mashal Khan may not be produced from Balochistan. Now a days religious discussions have become so sensitive that people are frightened...
Turbat is divisional headquarter of Mekran division and Kech is the second biggest district of Balochistan. It has a university with approximately 11 departments including law. The Law department is isolated from the university as it is situated near commissioner...
Ganji Ali Muhammad We dwell in a society where money and physical beauty are worth more than anything. Emotional and mental health affect the way we spend our lives at any stage influencing how we think and behave. But very...
It is a fact that, underage marriage is considered as a criminal practice as well as a human rights violation. It annihilates the lives of girls and make them far from happiness and education which are the main requirements...




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