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The Baloch News is an online media organization, you will find folk stories of Balochistan here.

Despite being part of tribal society, women of Balochistan have been expressing themselves through the medium of folk and wedding songs, said speakers at a one-day seminar on “Women and Literature in Balochistan." “Wedding songs and folk lores are a...
True, the worldly affairs never last long, whether these are about life itself or culture and civilization, will have to vanish one day. Among these events, only a brief number can survive which the world remembers in the annals...
Shay Murid and Hani are two famous and living names which reflect their glories in the pages of Baloch history, and their tragic love story is heard almost in every house of Balochistan. Shay Murid was the son of...
Stories are perhaps the most valued heritage of any literature in the world. It’s the folk tales, lore and poems that tell us about the early histories of nation across the globe. The Baloch, too, come to know about...




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