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Tribute To Surat Khan Marri On BSAC’s 3rd Central Council Session

No nation has succeeded in gaining their national ends without owning and attributing to their intellectuals and heroes. Following this very principle, Baloch has always paid homage and owned their national intellectuals and heroes. Surat Khan Marri is among the Baloch intellectuals who is so far associated with the Baloch national cause by various means including writing and analysing. He does not only have a profound observation on the Baloch struggle, but also analyses with different contexts the present Baloch movement and its cons very deeply.

Marri is one of the students of Science College Quetta, who introduced a Baloch student organisation namely “Warna Waninda Gall” (Youth Educational Organisation) in Quetta. Later on, it was merged with ‘BSEO’ (A Baloch organisation in Karachi) with a different name ‘BSO’ (Baloch Students Organisation) which is famous for its educational process to its members and for mobilization of Baloch nation at a larger context.

BSO has its own distinct place in the Baloch political struggle. According to Waja Surat Marri, “BSO was introduced to be the spokesperson for the Baloch national struggle and to interpret the Baloch politics.”

Surat Marri was not only affiliated with BSO, but he always had a deeper eye on the organisational activities in order to avoid any confusion and detachment from the Baloch national requisites.

He himself, in an article, says that, “We denied the ordains given by the parliamentarian parties including National Awami Party (NAP) to follow their instructions and directions, because we categorically rejected the directions which might led us towards the parliamentary politics and general elections.”

Furthermore, discussing his extraordinary works for the Baloch struggle, he started writing to unveil all those parties, their heads, and the individuals who were active against the Baloch political struggle. He has also analysed the Baloch struggle, the people associated with it, the strength and weaknesses of the struggle and its new strategies, and always has strived to compare it with the parliamentary politics. He has very categorically rejected the parliamentary politics by marking its demerits and menaces.

Thereby, he is one of the Baloch intellectuals who is far-sighted, passionate, tireless, visionary, analyser with every possible mean, and a full-time struggler with his outmost political and literary activities. His articles have been summed up as a book in the name of “Background of Baloch Nationalism” (Nationalism kaa Pass-manzar) and the most recent book which is “Mehr-i-Aflaaq”. His first and most famous book is “The Serviles: Baloch Resistance”.

He, in point of fact, is a bold and courageous personality who has openly targeted the people active against Baloch in a camouflaging manner. He categorically rejects and denounces those individuals. He is undeniably an asset and a sage of Baloch nation, who deserves much tributes than we ever think.

Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, in a public gathering during 2004 at Quetta’s Arts Council, twice repeatedly lauded Surat Khan Marri for his long time discussion on Baloch nation, nationalism, and right to nation-state. He said that basically such an important and basic discussion should have been initiated by them and contemporary Baloch politicians on their earlier days of politics.

Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) has announced its Third Central Council Session in the commemoration of Shaheed Professor Saba Dashtiyari, and in the names of Baloch intellectuals Waja Surat Khan Marri and Ustad Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur. BSAC, keeping in view their political and literary stance for Baloch nation, pays tribute to these three assets and sages of Baloch nation.

The session is going to be held in the month of June at Shaal (Quetta). Shaal has its own distinct place in Baloch politics and activism, it is also another tribute to Shaal. Notwithstanding, hoping that BSAC will continue to pay tributes to the national assets and sages of Baloch nation likewise.

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