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Hirronk: A Village To Visit And Explore

Hirronk, a village of natural pulchritude and hospitality, is some 60 kilometers away from Turbat city in its east. It is the place which attracts every visitor because of its ultimate beauty. Its everlasting attraction is captured in the landscapes and portraits of local photographers like Dosta Shah, Aftab Amjid and Sanaullah Essa.
From its entrance to all around inside, Hirronk possesses a naturally blessed picture. It contains several picnic points where people from across Makuran come. The points include the very famous Drang, Machi, Jin-e-Telag, the gardens and many other parts in the mountains. These sites capture the hearts of visitors who get used to visiting over and again.
Not only the sites, but the people in Hirronk are very hospitable and helpful. When there appears a sudden shift in circumstances – whether in individual level or the collective one – everyone stands as a back-up for them, whether such a person, or persons, are from Hirronk or away. Despite the fact that most families in the village – consisting of around five thousand people – live an average and a below-to-poverty-line life, but they are very rich when it comes to standing side by side with their people (Baloch) in harsh situations.
Education is, however, an issue in overall Balochistan, particularly of girls. But to a great fortune, one finds very rare, or I may better say, no discrimination in genders towards education. Every family, who can afford, send their children to schools and outside Hirronk, after matriculation, for further education. If a family is weak financially, their women utilise Balochi embroideries and earn money to send to their children outside Hirronk.
Women of Hirronk, like rest of Makuran, sit together in part times and sew Balochi clothes and carpets which they later sell inside and outside the village to earn money. Because Balochi clothes are very expensive and make them earn a good sum.
Apart from all these, we have some great and inspirational personalities who have been motivating the villagers for doing something for themselves, their families and their nation. From female to male teachers, no one leaves a bit to encourage the young students towards doing something in life in whatever possible means. These teachers are very loyal, intelligent and dutiful towards their tasks of promoting integrity among the students. They play their unique role in making students achieve their goals whether she is Madam Latha Gul Gajiyan or Nazal Jumma or any other teacher, they guide the little girls to participate in national development.
When discussing Hirronk’s education, how can we forget our very own Master Aziz and Hameed Usman, the founders of education in Hirronk, who worked from dawn to dusk to study and propagate education in every home in Hirronk. It was them who showed educational dreams to the villagers and inspired them that they could do it. They convinced parents to send their children to schools.
Under their guidance, many parents sent their children to schools who include Muhammad Iqbal, Hamza Usman, Kahoor Khan Chakar and so many others who have been putting their utmost best to further enhance a culture of education in Hirronk.
Hirronk is a beautiful village in district Kech of Balochistan’s Makuran division. It consists of worth-visiting sites and enriched gardens. People of the village are very hospitable and loving. It has also gained popularity in education. From all aspects, Hirronk is a village to visit and explore.
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