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PDM-led government was absurd about court stance about former PM Imran khan. PML-N believes Imran is the favorite one of courts and other state institutes and that they have soft corner for him. It is an exposed episode how Imran was brought in power then thrown. Since 2008, hybrid regimes have kept public outfoxed and taken the robes of rule of law and democracy.

When the No-Confidence Motion was disallowed by former Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, from there politics has been judicially influenced and everted. Court’s involvement in political affairs is, however, unprecedented.

On may 25, PTI marched towards Islamabad. Federal and Punjab governments barred and prevailed march by using force. Courts, on PTI petition, directed PTI to hold its Jalsa at H9 park. To regard court directives, government removed barriers and allowed march to proceed towards court-directed venue.

While the hearing of petition advocate of PTI interfered, on hearing this, justice Ijazul Ahsan said, “We are doing your job don’t worry.”

In the night of 26 May, Imran khan, while addressing the crowd, announced that court had given directions, so there won’t be any barrier arrest. “Try your best to reach to D-Chowk”.

Fawad Chaudhry, one of frontline figures of PTI, stated that their ultimate destiny was D-Chowk and courts had no right to indulge in political issues. Paying heed to followings of their leaders, workers marched towards D-Chowk and set trees ablaze and vandalized properties.

On next hearing, CJ, over the misinterpretation and not following the Court’s orders, remarked that Imran Khan might have been misguided. CJ went on saying that crowd was charged and leaderless and that they had set trees on fire to reduce the effects of tear-gas. No contempt of court action was taken. On the contrary, court defended the violence and unsavory actions of PTI.

On August 20, PTI leader, becoming more aggressive, threatened session and district women judge over approving physical remands on his Chief of Staff. One of their close aides, Shahbaz Gil said to to Islamabad police, “We take actions against IP officials and Zeba Chaudhry against you also.”

When IHC took notice of contempt of court, Imran attended the hearing. Senior journalist Matiullah Jan narrates the scenes and said, “Imran,sitting on chair in the courtroom and holding his rosary, was pleaded by Chief Justice that you have massive following and that a leader like you should not have used such a language and I am very disappointed from you.”

Even On refusing to tender unconditional apology, court did not indict Imran and gave him another week to revisit his decision.

In simple words, court was pleading to Imran to just tender his apology and understand that they did not want to indict him in any way.

Million of people cry for justice, thousands of families are on the roads for years asking to know about the whereabouts of their missing ones. Mothers, having wounds on their souls, knock the doors of courts but they go unnoticed. On the other hand, privileged people get such a partisan support from courts.

Another state within the state adds into miseries and weakens it as a whole.

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