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Inflation has troubled parents to sending their children to schools

Inflation has troubled parents to sending their children to schools

Inflation has troubled parents to sending their children to schools

Inflation is meant to be the general increase in price and fall in the purchasing value of money. The annual inflation rate in Pakistan has increased to 24.9% in July of 2022. The prices of every material have reached to their peak. For instance, transportation prices recorded the biggest increase of 64.7%, namely motor fuels, 84.4%, followed by food and non-alcoholic beverages, 28.8%, mainly vegetables 40.5%, and milk 28.8%, restaurant and hotels 25% alcoholic beverages and tabacco 22.5% and housing and utilities 21.8% namely electric charges has increased 86.7%.

The rise in inflation has created a bundle of obstacles in people’s lives. They fail to afford the daily expenses like education and travelling expenses. Literally, parents cannot afford the school and car fees, which are regularly increasing. The new academic year has brought a flood of problems for the parents of school-going children owing to the price hike.

The textbooks, shoes, uniforms and the tuition fees have gone up. The basic and essential needs of children have become more expensive and are out of the range of a common individual. A father thinks twice before providing his children with a quality education because the private and other splendid institutions have doubled the fees which have become out of the range of a common impoverished man.

A father who once struggled for his children’s quality of education, now suffers because of his family’s two-time meals. Governmental schools do exist, but the negligence, low status of education and the recklessness of government schools have pushed the power towards private schools. Woefully, the best quality education in private schools demands a lot of money which is out of the reach of a destitute man.

Finally, I would like to say that the government must take positive actions against the rise of inflation in Pakistan so that children can easily get the best quality education at a low cost. Low inflation will prove more productive for a lower-class student to make true his or her dreams.

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