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Heavy rains in Balochistan



It has been raining for several days in various regions of Balochistan for around a month. Most of the areas in Balochistan are totally ruined owing to the violent, stormy rains. According to local reports, dozens of people, including women and children, drowned due to the outpouring. Different districts like Lasbela, Panjgur, Qalat and Turbat have been badly affected and faced frailty in their food supply and usable materials have been halted on the way to their voyage because of the heavy rains. It has been four days, approximately, since the roads like RCD which connect Balochistan to Karachi have been jammed and the vehicles with many passengers had to wait until the roads got clear. Families with small children and women are suffering a lot from the blockage of these roads, since bridges are completely demolished and roads are devastated in these violent storms. Literally, in other cities, passengers are homeless in these rainy seasons. They do not have shelter to hide.

Moreover, the people who have suffered more are destitute people whose houses cannot stand for long and eventually fall. The impoverished people are now obliged to hide beneath the trees and behind a protective roof to protect their children and food too. As Balochistan is already a region with uncountable sufferings, the natural rains, amid the incumbent government, have enhanced the worrisome of the people here.

Besides this, people belonging to remote areas are completely lacking resources to repair their houses and also seeking two times meals to just adjust and move on until they get a relief naturally. It is very unfortunate that our government is showing such negligence in this regard. Children are literally dying due to the non-availability of food. It is thus appealed to the current government and all the active social welfare organizations to provide maximum assistance to those affected areas. Though it may be tough to assist, it can be very productive to save many lives.

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