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Muslim Hammal: A Star in Balochi Music Industry



Muslim Hammal is a very famous singer of Balochi music industry who sings with attractive and new tones to amuse the Baloch nation. He natively belongs to a rural area of Balochistan’s Kech district, Buleda. Although he had to suffer from kidney problems very recently, he survived and has become a true and focal voice to the Balochi music industry, particularly in the last few years.

Basically, Muslim belonged to a very middle class family. He was born in 1979 and currently staying in Turbat city of Kech. In the earlier years of his life, he found his interest in singing and started singing with Indian classical songs in Ustad Abdul Sattar’s club in 1996 where he worked only for four years. Ustad Abdul Sattar was the master under whom several Balochi singers emerged. Muslim Hammal was one among them.

Muslim Hammal has great expertises of Benjo, Tabla and Harmonium. After working for four years in Ustad Abdul Sattar’s club, he got the chance of being a monitor of the club. The museum master Abdul Sattar separated a room for him where he himself practiced everyday for his albums. Before releasing his first album, he joined the elementary college and released his first album in 1999.

Apart from all these, Muslim Hammal was hired as a general S.S.T teacher of his area’s school, but he faced so many issues on his job due to some internal issues. Finally, his job issue was solved and he is a teacher till today.

When he was 25 years old, he got married and released his second album known as “Lal ey Geewar”. Muslim released a lot of albums which widely became famous everywhere. Even though, so many people across Balochistan are so eager to to listen to his tones. Being a very big fan of Muslim Hammal as a Balochi singer, I all the time listen to his songs and refresh my mind and soul. To be honest, his songs are very charming, impressive and well- spring.

Muslim Hammal, however, releases at least an album per year. Here are some of the albums of Muslim Hammal: Sheer ey droshum, Deegar ey Istaal, Jeege Sitara, Shenga Mahpar, Kardani Balad, Mehre Mehlab, Surgmagen Bolan, Goharen Ars, Muradani Manzil, Mesken Samin, Mahrame Bichkand, Khandagani Shajri, Shechkhan ey hayal and the last and the latest Album is Wahage Istaal.

When Muslim Hammal was 8 years old, one of his kidneys was affected by stone. He got it treated many times, yet he suffered so much. Due to the kidney’s issue, he could not sing songs in various ceremonies and programmes. His last and the latest song was too heart touching and was widely famous everywhere which was sung with Shah Jan Dawoodi together. The song was, “Mani Dost ya mani Dildar ya Mani Chammani Kamp O Kumar ya”.

Hence, Muslim Hammal is a widely known Baloch singer who has got fame for his excellent voice and songs of various nature. His recent songs are based on the present situations of Balochistan which has rendered wide recognition to the Baloch singer. Although he has received less appreciation in the governmental level, he was always backed up by the Baloch nation. If he continues to sing for the Baloch, he can emerge as one of the most widely listened singers in Balochistan.

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