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Lyari in past present and future



Lyari Literary Forum (LLF) held a study circle on Saturday, 4th June 2022, at Mullah Fazul Library, Lyari Karachi. The topic of the study circle was “Lyari in past, present, and future”. The lecture was delivered by Abdul Khaliq Zadran, a senior journalist, political and social Activist, and Secretary-General of Lyari Awami Mahaz.

In Saturday’s circle program, the speaker, Mr. Abdul Khaliq Zadran, discussed the past, present, and future of Lyari was briefed where the ‘past’ sociopolitical situation and struggle of the Lyari people were portrayed to understand the current social, economic and political condition of people living in Karachi.


The speaker depicted the demography of Lyari, its population and how people are living in misery with tiny spaces for ages. Moving on to the past, the lecturer told the audience about Lyari’s pastiness, he talked about “Reshami Roomaal Tehreek” against British imperialism, in Lyari that had started from Khadda Market Jamia Madrasa. In the Zia dictatorship, the youth of Lyari played an important role in the democratic movement by embracing the gallows with the brutal sentences of imprisonment and whipping.

He further said that the Streets of Lyari are evidence that it has experienced both radical and liberal politics. Some occult and invisible forces not only obviated the student’s politics all over Pakistan but also prevented Lyari and banned book culture and also libraries and poisoned Lyari with addiction and weapon culture. Lyari which was famous for the dwellers of literature and art turned into red blood, the streets of Lyari where literature used to be worshiped, turned into rivers of blood. Literature and art were massacred in the land of Lyari. Thus, Lyari has suffered a prolonged period of turmoil in the shape of unprecedented
war and destruction.


Coming back to the Present, He told us that the Black age has gone and now we are seeing the flood of literature, art, music, and sports again in Lyari with the same enthusiasm and spirit among the yoout of Liyari. Today in the shape of many literary and public organizations and youths, Lyari is producing art and literature but unluckily these days it is still deprived of many basic facilities such as the Education sectors and health facilities, and the drugs culture is still very common and the government schools lack 90 percent of Science and maths teachers.

Conclusively, he said that he is still hopeful because if the same spirit for change continues in the future Lyari might overcome such issues and for that Lyari youth must stand with the elders of Lyari because together we may build a better Lyari.


The circle program was attended by famous literary and social people and students. Including, Jhaffar Hassan, Dr. Rafeeq Sarbaazi, Ramzan Baloch, Aaga Abdul Rehman, Essa Baloch, Asghar Lal Laasi, Jaan Mohammad Baloch, Meer Akram Baloch, Abu Bakar Hoth, Zahid Barakzai, Asghar Lal, Imran Fakhir, Abdul Ghafoor Baloch and many more.

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