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The old man with the long wait

Hasnain Baloch, an itinerant, hailing from the pleasing and mountainous land of Baloch in Balochistan, has always been fond of paying visits to the historical places of the region. For him, occasionally the travels were heaped up with blessings, and sometimes for him, the travels stacked up curse and memories. But yet he cited and believed on the single say, “Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul

The adventures solaced his soul and eased the unremitting sufferings that he owned as he every so often cited, “The goal of the life is to die with memories not with unwanted dreams,” which is why he was fond of exposures. He, too, had sith of sorrow and sufferings but he loved to explore the hidden beauty of nature. He always found glimpses of heaven within the beauty of his land.

Wis, he believed that the travelling imparts wisdom that comes from experiencing. You know! The travelers are amassed with knowledge and experience along with milestones. They experience true colors of life with some everlasting pictures, captured through their eyes. But the story of Hasnain Baloch is somewhat different from the other travelers of the universe as he had throng of haunting gazes.

Meeting up Hasnain installed mammoth unanswered questions in my mind. Whenever I regathered with him on my free days, he repeatedly said, “The journeys retell me how to be stout to deal with sorrow and grief. You know, for me, waiting is the exact meaning of my essence.”

With wonders I inquired him, why do you name life as waiting?

He retorted after a giant gap of silence. “You must have visited your areas. You must have had picnics on the open sky and in the beautiful mountains of Balochistan and with paradisiacal waterfalls.”

I wonder.

I did not get what exactly he wanted to tell me. After a huge gap of silence, I asked him again, why do you always sit on the parched land for justice look up the sunset with thirsty eyes and ravening lips?

He remained silent and his beard were wet with tears and said, “After the departure of my beloved son, my life is filled with sorrows and grief. I am in the long wait until my soul is rebirthed.”

I become dead silent and he waited to get his soul rebirth, but…!


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