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Accepting yourself with Najwa Zebian’s, Welcome Home

Najwa Zebian, a Lebanese writer, has compiled her book “Welcome Home”. Through her experiences and pains, Najwa has written her story of self-acceptance and self-worth. This amazing book relates how everyone has so much of expectations and investment in others. Within its pages, the author tells her readers that everyone creates a home in someone else, decorates it, lives in it and when they leave, we remain homeless.

This book basically tries to make queries within ourselves that when we can love others, why can’t we just love ourselves? When we think others deserve appreciation, then why cannot we do it to ourselves? She totally brings out a new perspective in life. It is for the ones who cannot let go of their pains and are still stuck in the traumas of the past.

Reading this book would let us build our own home in us. It will teach us how we have to value and own ourselves. It tells us how someone treats us is not our flaw, but theirs who could not value us; how our vulnerability to pain and acceptance is because we just did not build a proper foundation within us. Sometimes, we all just want to belong to somewhere and we forget that the real belonging is within us. We need to love, accept and forgive ourselves and own who we are.

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