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Self Awareness

Knowing oneself is important for every human being. It’s necessary because it helps you to achieve your Goals and dreams. It also helps in knowing what other people want from us and what we want from ourselves.

Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself is the very first step towards self awareness even Aristotle has said that “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdoms”. It will help you to get answers from your own self and helps you know who you are and why you are. This makes you independent and confident about yourself.

The below given four steps let you know yourself better.

Get to know about your personality

To know about your personality, you have to know about your needs. You can find out your personality by staying alone and by being your own self. Just ask the same questions to yourself.

1. How do my friends see me?

2. How others see and think about me and what do I think about anyone else?

3. What can describe me better?

If ever in your life you have taken any serious decision and this decision has worked well and have you ever had any regretful situation then focus on it and think that decision was taken by you or it was taken under anyone’s pressure.

Getting to know your body

Whenever we think about ourselves, it is different from being physically strong. Getting to know about your body is as important as knowing your intricacies of mind. It helps you to focus on more ideas.

Knowing about your strengths and weaknesses

Knowing your strength and weakness is the initial step. When you get to know about the strengths and weaknesses, your mind creates new ideas and ways of doing the things in a better manner which ultimately gives you positive results.

Make a goal for yourself

Making life goals has much importance as it helps you getting the target that you have set. Question yourself that where you want to see yourself after 10 or 15 years. Set the goals according to your requirements and purpose of life. You can also make goals to be a good parent or a career oriented person.

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