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Teachers: The Spark of Nations

October 5 is celebrated as “International Teachers’ Day” to tell every teacher how important they are and without them no nation can develop. However, teachers are distinguished as flowers because they form a nation and give comfort to their students as the fragrance of a flower. A good teacher is like a sun who guides his or her students to shine in the world. However, no one can cover the place of a teacher except the teachers themselves. Every student should respect their teachers as they respect their parents because teachers are not less than parents.

A teacher teaches their students what to do and what to omit in this cruel world. And they teach them how to speak formally in the world. Of course, every student has learned to do good deeds from the teachers who taught them honestly. Teachers are the ones who provide good language to their students and forbid them to speak illogically and unreasonably. If we call teachers our second parents, we will not be wrong. Because after our parents, it is the teachers who take care of us and show us the right way forward. They never want their students to beg or spend a worthless life in future and they work hard to brighten their students’ future.

In the modern world, if we find a true believer, he is a teacher who has everlasting belief on his or her students. A great teacher never asks for a day off to teach the students. He is always active in giving something useful to the students. He sacrifices everything to give his or her students a beautiful future. In fact, every successful person has a very strong backbone, which is a teacher who stands behind them and helps students to overcome any difficult challenge.

A nation without a teacher is like a body without a soul. Because, they prepare students to run the affairs of a nation fluently and lot better. Sometimes, although they are so tired with their unending efforts to bring enlightenment in their students, but they never show it to their students so that they remain strong and constant towards their goal.

In fact, they sacrifice their lives for their students. They stand in class all day long. When students ask them, “Teacher, won’t you sit down? Aren’t you tired?” Then every teacher’s reply is the same: “No, my children. I’m fine.”

A teacher wants to see only the happy faces of his or her students, and nothing else. Every student recognizes their teachers as his or her best friends because they sometimes make themselves look like a child. Students can freely express what they want because they trust their teachers and teachers never break their students’ trust.

But I find it difficult to say that there are many established students who are in good positions, but keep avoiding their teachers. Most students do not respect their teachers because they see them outside and sometimes intend to have them embarrassed in front of a large crowd. But still teachers pray that their students meet with more success in their lives.

If today, they (the students) are in such a good position like doctors, engineers, motivational speakers, scientists and many more, then it is all because of their teachers who stood behind them in difficulties and made them successful. A great solute to the second parents of the students [teachers] who face many difficulties but defeat them for their students. Therefore, it is pioneering that every student should respect their teachers.

Lastly, teachers are the shining spirits of any nation. Without them, nations are like meandering shepherds with no destination. So, happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers of the world.

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