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Books ruined her; the story of an ordinary girl

Books ruined her the story of an ordinary girl

Books ruined her the story of an ordinary girl

She remembers being happy once with the thought of how her society was, but then she picked a book. She read books on colonialism and found that she was a fool to be proud of the country she was living in. She is just a slave here and she did not even know it.

She read books on feminism, and it gave her heartaches, headaches, and depression. She was so wrong thinking she had the freedom to live her life. She just realized she was a fool in paradise. She was never free – not once.

They put her in a prison and glorified the wall of these prisons. She was told that there lived only wolves in prison, ready to eat her alive; and she believed them too. She was happy until she opened her books and realized that wolves are also created by them. So, they, with patriarchy, hold the power but now she was afraid of the wolves. She got unhappier and more disappointed.

Her disappointment increased when she studied philosophy and realized God is an imaginary Creature we made just to give ourselves some hope – to blame someone else for our failures and to feel a little less lonely. But, as she lost her God with the books, she lost the hope as well. Now she is hopeless and a lonely girl, cursing the books for their truth, and for their wisdom. She was better when she was a fool, at least, she was happy, real and was not lonely. It sounds so unreal but happened with her. So, not believing the things that happened with her in front of her own eyes is deceiving herself.

A girl became so unreal and made herself the happiest in front of all just because she knew the things which were injected since she was born – the things which were not possible to be changed. The girl accepts the things which are not true. She thinks to be bothered by herself rather than being bothered by her society.

Thus, an innocent soul [the girl] in a corner of her room with so many people around is still alone; screaming with silent lips, crying with the prettiest smile, and waiting for hope, freedom and a better life.

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