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The dismal School of Toolagi Dasht

The dismal School of Toolagi Dasht

The dismal School of Toolagi Dasht

Dasht Toolagi is a small village in Tehsil Dasht of district Kech – somewhat 35 kilometers in western Turbat. The education system of the village is disheartening: when students reach to matriculation, they do not attend classes, and they are not inquired by the school authorities as to why they are absent. And when exams come, the same students cheat and pass their papers. When they are asked as to why they cheat, they put all the allegations back on school and teachers. In the real sense, it is the administration who is responsible to provide quality education and the students as well who are to attend the classes regularly.

On a similar note, in primary level, teachers mostly pass their time by calling the students to sing songs in front of the class. When it comes to the exams of primary level, along with the question papers, students are also given the answers; if a student is out of the town, in place of him another person is made sit in the papers.

Being introduced with a worrying state of education system in the town, the school is away from basic amenities, too. Classrooms are shabby; students are afraid they must not fall down on them. Besides this, when it rains, most classrooms are filled with water. They are made around 20 years earlier which thoroughly need to be repaired. Very sadly, when the funds come to repair the classrooms, they get lost from nowhere. They are never spent on school.

Another depressing state of the school is, teachers are self-dependent. If they are lost for a week although, they are not strictly guided to come to school. Coming late is another sorry for the students. When teachers are not regular in schools, how can they teach the students to be regular? Why would they come if they are not properly asked to come to schools and get salaries on time?

Even though, some teachers are in foreign countries and they have assigned others to attend the schools for them, most of whom have rare knowledge on the given field. In such a case, most students get disappointed and leave going to school.

In very simple words, all the people of Toolagi Dasht want is a total and unbiased inquiry on the school. The District Education Officer needs to visit the school in person and note everything; from teachers’ presence to school’s infrastructure. Students direly need a good education system so that they need not to go out of their town for education.

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