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“The Old Man and the Sea” renders hope to its readers

“The Old Man and the Sea” renders hope to its readers Shakir KB The Baloch News

“The Old Man and the Sea” renders hope to its readers Shakir KB - The Baloch News

The recent novel I studied is a masterpiece. “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway is a dedicated story of an old fisherman who never gives up on fishing. This book will not leave you disappointed once you hold it for it has in it multiple lessons – let you be a student or a normal person, the book teaches you determination.

To be very frank, I have got to change so many habits in me after reading this master collection. It showed me the right way as a student. Just before a couple of days, when I was assigned a task, I felt I could not do that; I gave that up. When I read this book entirely, I got back on duty and, very honestly, I did that. This book taught me nothing is impossible when you are determined and honest with yourself.

In other words, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ gives us a hope. As in the book, there was an old man, Santiago, who always went to fishing but could not succeed. Due to it, the young boy, Manolin, who was with him, was also forced by his family to leave the old man and join another fisherman. Although, Manolin was never happy to leave Santiago, he was compelled. He liked him because Santiago often shared the stories of his young days and they both enjoyed fishing – no matter without catching a fish.

84 days passed, the old man could not get one fish for which he was made the subject of fun by the other fishermen, but it did not stop the old man in going to sea. He was always enthusiastic towards fishing and believed his day would come.

On the eighty-fifth day, Santiago went to fishing in Gulf Stream. Almost around noon, Santiago caught a big fish which he knew was a marlin. The fish tried a lot to get away with Santiago, but he was never going to get it leave this easily. In this duration, it was getting darker, and then Santiago was followed by multiple sharks who wanted to eat the marlin. After a lot of efforts, Santiago could not cease the sharks in eating the marlin, but he brought with him the bones of the fish.

When early in the morning, the other fishermen came in the sea, they were all shocked looking at the skeleton of a very big fish in Santiago’s boat. They were all dumbstruck and started singing the song of praise for the old man and his ability to catching fishes.

This book is the real example of dedication in work – for people in all walks of life. I would recommend every person, student in particular, to read this book because it renders a hope.

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