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Thank you, Teachers

Every existing bond in survival is loved but the most beloved bond that bears all our rubbish activities and provides adoration, lightest lines and an everlasting joy, is the bond between a teacher and a student. As they are all reasonable for our tranquility and good livings.

However, people, most often, describe the essential position of a teacher with lines which truly leaves me in a chapter of confusion. As I always feel incapable to throw words regarding such great souls whose time has given us a way out to seeking the inner potentials in us by introducing us to the world.

Neither their roles nor the crucial worth can be defined with a few sentences of ours. They are unique in all ways. Although describing them in words is not enough, on this day I feel to narrate what I have to say about the most respectable profession.

Teachers, undoubtedly, play the role of secondary parents. We are brought in the dwindling situations of world by parents but we are taught to deal with awful events by our second parents. They are optimal in all ways. They do not only limit themselves with the bond of teachers, but become our sisters, brothers and friends when we need their support the most.

We do not only get educational acknowledgement and awareness from teachers, but also inhale techniques to stay brave and encounter all unjust acts by them too. Today, we can properly speak about evils and are able enough to logically response to the negative intentions, it is all because of the teachers.

The day of teachers should be celebrated everyday since they deserve it. To me, they are best in all regards. People usually call them teachers, I call them my real mentors. People recognize them with their profession and I know them for their honesty and hard-work. People consider them teachers to teach in classes and I consider them heroes to lead in the practical world to peace. Because teachers are not only teachers who open our eyes to read, but they are the actual and live guides to join a peaceful world. They are the ones who attempt the hardest to create a world of justice for us.

May they always be under the blessings of Allah and stay protected everywhere and every time. Happy Teachers’ Day to all beloveds teachers. I owe them much love, respect and honor. Thank you teachers for being who you are today.

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