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Murder of Art in Balochistan

Even after one, we have not come to taste the news that “The murderers of Shaheena Shaheen have been arrested”. Similarly, I have the feeling that the rest of the brutalities, unnoticed and ignored cases, are too left with negligence.

Balochistan is known as a deprived province, but Makran has been known for its secular values but the gruesome murder of Shaheena Shaheen has left us all with a question unanswered; “Are the people of Makran leaping towards conservativism?

Undeniably, journalism is such a field which is full of life-taking threats_ specially in Balochistan. Managing to work in such a profession, that too being a Baloch woman, needs much of the courage. Shaheena was that sort of a courageous lady. But unfortunately, we no longer avail the reformist services of Shaheena Baloch for our society.

Shaheena was only 25 when life became so cruel to her. She was an artist, host and a journalist based in Turbat Kech. She had graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Balochistan, Quetta. Above all, she was the editor of a local Balochi magazine “Dazghuwar” [a female friend].

More importantly, she was a voice for women empowerment, women education and gender equality in Balochistan. Her paintings displayed a picture of barriers for Baloch women in the male-dominant society.

After her sudden murder, Shaheena’s family lodged an FIR alleging her husband Mehrab Khan Gichki as her murderer _ who is at large.

The apathy of Balochistan government towards this case has left us very disapointed. Balochistan, famous for its secular cultural values and hospitality, would likely be tagged with killing of women.

Hence, I request the governmnet of Balochistan, those sitting in the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly, along with the other concerned authorities to pay their best attention into this matter. Since ignoring this case is not ignoring a woman artist solely, but negligence of Human rights too. The culprit should be brought to book as soon as possible.

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