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A stitch in time saves nine

The maxim ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ literally means that timely act in any matter saves him from a lot of dilemmas, injuries, and wastes. A man must do his responsibilities in proper time. A person may grieve if he is slothful and leaves his work for tomorrow.

We often express that it is better to devote a little time and effort to deal with a problem right now than to wait until later, when it may get eviler and take longer to deal with. Many believe procrastination_ putting off doing something until later_ generates more burdens in the long run. Hence, if a problem survives, then one must fix it instantly. If not fixed in time, then even more difficulties can arise.

Most times, we incline to neglect small things pushing them to the back of our attention. This negligence later results in bigger injuries. If there is a fissure in the ceiling it is sensible to have it repaired immediately before it turns into something bigger and leads to the entire ceiling coming, colliding down someday. It makes sense for students to study a little every day, so that on the day of the examination they are free from anxiety.

Thoroughly speaking, it would make us in trouble, while we delay our today for tomorrow. If we squeeze glitches in the bud as soon as they arise, we never let them get too big and all of our missions will be easy to manage. It means that a timely struggle that will prevent more work later. It undoubtedly means anticipation is better than remedy.

It is obvious, a small fissure in the concreted wall may be the cause of the housing breakdown if that crack is not overhauled on time. Same as imprecision or carelessness from your side towards children may be the cause for the enlarged distance or difference in thoughts of you and your kids. If we consider this issue at a social level, many such questions exist here that require immediate actions by every citizen of our country. Women empowerment, child abuse, unemployment, and many more are some of the foremost problems in Pakistan that entail action and support from all groups of people in Pakistan.

Despite understanding this saying time and time again we are tackled with circumstances in our life where a little devotion in the beginning could have meant the saving of a lot of time in the end. Almost all of us at some point in our lives have misdirected our keys. If we had kept them in the right place we would have saved ourselves the time we took looking for them later.

If you wait too long, things will get worse, and it will take much longer to compact with them. If you have ever had a hole in a hit, shirt or other clothing point, you know what ensues if you ‘wait’ for repair. It breeds and becomes larger to a point of diminishing return. Sometimes it ends up not being worth a repair so one might end up buying a new item.

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