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Balochabad; a Balochi movie on inequality

The film, Balochabad, is one of the best and most discussed films in the Balochi cinemas. It is directed by well-known Balochi movie director, Shakir Shad. The movie stares Allah bakhsh Haleef, Anita Jalil, Sarfaraz Muhammad, Haissan Danish and many others.

Balochabad tells that how women are deprived from their basic rights in Balochistan_ particularly Baloch women.

Moreover, the film discusses about early marriage which results in a huge number of problems for women. Reports say that, the number of women dying during childbirth is the highest in Balochistan as compare to Pakistan’s other provinces.

As per officials of a non-governmental organisation, 785 of every 100,000 women in the country’s southwestern province died while giving birth to a child.

In the movie, there are two villages; the first one is Rasoolabad, where women and men have equal opportunities of living; second which is Balochabad, where women have no rights to walk, talk, meet, etc without permission.

Inspirationally, the power of speech and media is shown because Jan bibi (Anita Jalil) shared her thoughts by radio and once on other electronic medias for making the people aware about child marriage which is a destruction itself_ especially for girls.

And, there are no words to define its songs’ lyrics, loving dialogues and emotional moments. I was surprised the way this movie was made. It is available in YouTube as well.

Undoubtedly, it is like a movie which I have never watched. Maybe, this is the first Balochi film on the topic of inequality and women deprivation, but this really is a beautiful make.

I congratulate the team of Balochabad for the wonderful movie and wish them best of luck for their coming efforts. The Balochi film industry desperetely needs them.

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