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Special children; a life beyond imaginations

Life_ a very beautiful blessing of God_ is not lived equally by everyone. It differs from perspective to perspective. Rich people deem it enjoyable, poor people find it a test; sick masses think of it as a challenge, healthy population quest for spending time with nature; children consider it tensionless, parents ponder it a responsible phenomenon. Among different perspectives, there arises a group of people who are under tough dilemmas between life and death. They are the special children.

The special children (also known as disabled children) face challenging times in their lives. They get mocked on commonly which victimize them of depression and dejection. Whereas, their education is yet a question mark in many of the smaller villages of the state.

As per a report of World Health Organization, there are 30 million children deprived from the basic right of education including the special children in Pakistan. For the promotion of education_ specially that of the special children_ they need effective projects integrating technology and education.

Education is a human right and no one should be isolated from it. Whether that be girls, boys or special children, education is must. However, special education is a way of learning supplied to students with atypical demands, in particular students with learning disabilities or intellectually disabled.

It allows the learners to love the education and acquire conviction due to individual learning. For the self growth and development of the special children, it is crucial for all of them to receive proper education. The disability cases could insert emotional, mental, physical or developmental.

The aim of promoting self learning among the special children must be clear visioned. They must be allowed to practice and experience the things themselves. We ought to provide opportunities and instructions to them leading them to a brighter future.

Just to promote the message of hope in Pakistan, special children need to be dealt with creative thinking. However, creativity is always linked with divergent thinking and smoothness. Eloboration, originality and flexibilty are elements of divert thinking. Special children must be flexible connecting revolution and hope.

In fact, a worth notice must be given to the psychologically challanged children who need to be encouraged. For it, they must be kept busy with daily works as; sand art, long race, writing with both hands and daily living skills.

The edge that these children suffer is loudened as they go through life, culminating in a situation where their lack of education becomes a bigger hindrance than their disorders. Hence, they need a special reason to survive which education can sound.

The antiquity of Special Education is not extremely old in Pakistan. At the time of autarchy only three schools were running with children of special needs. The first school was accepted in 1906 to serve the educational needs of children with vision impairment.

They might be lonely and heavy hearts but their lives are full and they play their parts. A special child requires minimum a fifteen years of vocational training.

According to a national survey, the most common disability under age 60 is depression and visual problems in Pakistan. It is recorded that only 2% of the disabled children have access to education.

The sufferings of special chidren are education, transportaion and cultural life. Nevertheless, the barriers are countless, be it substantial (buildings which cannot be accessed by individuals on wheelchairs), goverment lacks qualified staff such as, professional sign language interpreters and even obstacles that merely stem from bigotry.

They face difficulty while communicating because they are slow thinkers and lack a quick understanding. The issues which matter to them must be solved by their part of decision making. They must be identified as immediate necessity. Because they are human beings and part of our society, they possess the rights to enjoy the same rights as a common man does.

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