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Balochistan; under harsh threat

Balochistan, the resourceful province of Pakistan covering around 44% of the total national territory, has been facing grieved challenges for last couple of days. On one side the disheartening incident of Dannuk (Turbat) has thrilled the entire province, whereas, the growing number of Baloch missing persons is another issue getting light these days. In the painful situations, Baloch are solely to suffer amidst all.

As per sources, owned “Death-squads” entered a house in Dannuk (Turbat) on May 26 with the intentions of robbery_ the plan may differ. The killed woman, Malik Naz, told the thieves she had nothing left at home for she had invested everything on building her house, the robbers shot her dead. Sadly, her four-year child, Bramsh, got injuries and survived.

Hearing to the sound of fire, the other nearby men rushed to the spot and caught one of the three robbers who entered the house. He was beaten and handed over to police.

Later on, police arrested two more of his crime partners. He also confessed they worked for a man named Sameer Sabzal who_ at the night of robbery_ dropped them with guns from Absor to Dannuk (somewhat 10 kilometers_ minimum).

Fortunate for the Baloch nation, almost every city of the province held protests asking the government to provide justice to Bramsh and her “martyred” mother. The protests functioned as pressures for the government-in-rule after which the Minister of Home and Tribal Affairs and PDMA of the Province Mr. Zia Ullah Laango along with the Finance Minister of Balochistan Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Buledi made their presence to the victim’s house where they ensured to provide justice to them.

But, some pictures have been displayed in social media where the culprits of Dannuk incident are seen with the current ministers of Balochistan_ either as their security guards or their campaign managers. So, how come we expect total justice from the ministers under whose control the “Death Squads” run?

Secondly, June 8 was observed as the Day of Baloch Missing Persons. A protest was held in Quetta where the pictures of the missing persons were held by their sisters or mothers asking the State to recover them. If their beloveds are involved in any of the crimes, they must be brought before the courts.

Constitutionally, the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan includes the writ of Habeas Corpus in article 199 and 184 (3) of the Constitution of Pakistan_ which asks the law enforcement agencies to produce the detained body before court if has done any crime. Whereas, if the body is not produced before the court within twenty four hours of their detention, it is deemed as the violation of fundamental rights of the citizens for which the person who has detained the body is called illegal detainer.

Similarly, Baloch sisters and mothers have come to road to ask the state to produce their missing brothers and fathers before the courts which is their legal right.

I was disheartened the most looking at a viral clip in social media where a Baloch sister Haseeba, who found one of her brothers brutally killed after severe tortures and a brother and a cousin are still missing, was in tears. She vociferates loudly to the state to bring her two missing family members. Her tears said it all how brutally her brother was tortured to death. She fears for like situations for the rest of her family fellows.

Whereas, Zakir Majeed has been missing for last 11 years. His mother still hopes for safe recovery of her son and holds her picture tightly to her heart. She tries her best not to cry and strongly stand for her child, but she is a mother after all.

Finally, Balochistan is under harsh situations for long in general, for last couple of days in particular. From Turbat to Quetta, every walk of the province is vociferating for getting to free from the long-run issues Baloch people are facing. They ask the provincial government to end up the social crimes or resign. They also question the government of bringing their beloveds before the courts who have been missing for years. If Balochistan is not listened to, the things can go worse.

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