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Pakistani Media; a bitter reality

We are drown into a well; unable to be opened, unable to breathe in and breath out, unable to consume light. Darkness has spread its roots everywhere around.

I do not admire the media of Pakistan as recently some of the Pakistani media outlets displayed the picture of Bramsh calling her Zohra Shah of Rawalpindi. How could a news channel be so irresponsible and broadcast false news despite the same news follows widespread interprovincial protests along with other parts of the country?

People, however, cannot believe to the news belonging to the facts of social media because mostly fake news spread in the social media. Everyone is so stubborn out here including the media which has distracted everybody.

I would say humanity does not exist, consistency belongs to the media of Pakistan by putting the citizens more in trouble. They pretend to share the fake news. Media ought to tender in these situations, but they generate more troubles for the grieved families and communities.

Trying to report the fake news could not vanish them. One is reported or two, could you give them in end?

We hope to have a genuine media system in Pakistan_ almost sounds very challenging. Pakistan, now, is suffering from a lot of tragedies. Each should endeavour to support each other instead of spreading fake news. It is their inability who are vulnerable of the truth.

These days, indeed, truth has flowed away. We feel like we are in a cage unable to blow away. We hope not to see irrelevant news and admire sanity. And the authorized body of check and balance of media should be active enough to cease the spread of false news which can bring panic and sense of deprivation among the people.

Thus, the dare has stabbed me to take a notebook with a pen. Hope everyone will hear our voices and try not to be deaf. We believe our efforts will come into notice in one or the other way. We are tired of the tragedies and need a miracle right away. For now, we demand #JusticeForBramsh

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