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A Loving death

Balochi by: Qandeel Gull

Translated by: Ali Jan Maqsood

Death is very harsh. It is the time when they see beloved for the last time. Nevertheless, when everyone comes forward to seeing you for the very ending time. They wig out for your laughter who were fed up of your words and unhappy with your life. Everyone gets themselves present out there for you.

Howdy, such a moment! There may not exist such attachments in marriages as it is in the funerals. Each eye is wet; every lip is raving and every courage is under asylum. At this time, every done-deed of the world gets as clear as a mirror and goes on like the mashup of Bollywood songs.

This is, howbeit, not loving, but the works are done later on as death does not let itself leave with a bad name.

Today, I glanced at a sympathetic soul_ like my mother_ for the final time. Then my innocent and sorrowful heart sobbed and cried like a child. When everyone was engrossed in looking at her for the last time, I visited the world of my thoughts. I played in memories of my childhood till date. I eyed in front of my eyes each glimpse of my past and remembered every story.

In that massive crowd, every sort of people was present: those who were funny and had laughter on their mouths all the time, those who were two-sided like they knew well the skill of hypocrisy_ in front of me mine and to you they were all yours. Those who were as clear as water, those who were pity and hapless. Those who were shrewish and naughty and those who were sympathetic and worried. This all difference was made by this death.

At the same time I saw none was thinking of themselves. No one was pondering of lies, troublemaking, fight and naughtiness. Today, everyone touched their heart, looked at themselves and got sympathetic for the others. Death has changed the entire system. This unpleasant death brought love_ the love in a disunited world_ happiness, sympathy and unity.

Suddenly, I woke up from the world of thoughts. I felt this love, affection and unity were just for a short span of time. I saw the dead body and told my heart with a broken smile, “Howdy death, you are so loving.”

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