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Mastering the art of life

Life is a game of different players in the same ground. Not everyone can perform the best in the same match; however, the results vary after every match.

Similarly, in life one has to witness various people with diverse mindsets: some are friendly, some are arrogant, some are angry-birds, some are smiling kings, some are loyal, some are hypocrites, some are two-shaped and some are beautiful. A life is incomplete if one has not gone through every type of person.

Even sometimes we find eternal companionships in our lives. One censorious part of maintaining an enduring friendship is making sure that you properly and appropriately thank your friends or colleagues after you have spent time with them, especially if they were entertaining you morally or poorly.

On the contrary, no one can deny the fact that life is the name of struggle. There is no pain and nothing bad about the life. But sometimes you have to give up on people who gossip about you behind your back.

Frankly speaking, I have a great number of students, colleagues or a relatives who are so nice with me; but to some realms only. When their work is done, they are lost with time and even call me a ‘fool’ and use so many other informal words about me. They think I am unaware of everything that lasts among them, but everything spoken about me_ good or bad_ I get to have that known.

But, I feel not to let anyone know what they think about me and what they speak out. Because, I fear a lot. I fear of losing people in my life. I know I have a very few of my list who really care about how I am doing, I still behave normal with everyone in the other end.

In life, you sometimes question yourself unanswered questions as: what did I do wrong with them? Was I truly unfair to them? Why is it so when we believe in someone so much but end up being hurt the most?

And then you will reevaluate every word you spoke thenceafter, and over examine every move you made with some other questions. Was it something I said? Did I cross the limits? Was it I who made the wrong difference?

Diversion of mind brings an expansion in life. It is surely believed that one mind, once straighten by a new idea, never retrieves its actual.

The case of cursing their emotional state to us is something rare to be pondered all about. Experiencing unacceptable language you do not commonly use in polite conversation is looking at the other side of the picture.

To sum up, life is different from person to person. Sometimes you will be criticized the most by people, but when they are stuck with a work with you, they put sugar inside their mouths and use words which you cannot imagine. When you master the art of life, you will always remain the happiest. So, get to know the life well, and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

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