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Eid bespeaks Humanity

Eid Bespeaks humanity Sahar Abdul karim

We always wonder about the peace of the world. We quite often hear that the world is happy. Sometimes, even not. Indeed, some people are yet thirsty of peace. For they always go through tough times by the dint of difficulties.

Similarly, Eid appears to be like the hell for some families. It adds to their worries. This may seem a little strange for multifold people that think Eid is just and just a celebration. I do not vocalize that they are wrong. But everyone’s opinion differs.

There probably are two sides of a coin_ different people differently deal with the same situation. For kids, Eid is like wearing new clothes, new shoes, getting money (Eidi) from elders, having fun and so on.

To query yourself, are all kids alike? Do all kids get new stuffs on the day of Eid? Don’t they wish to wear anew clothes and shoes in Eid? Are they happy with themselves?

Have you ever thought about the innocent kids? Might you answer affirmative. If your answer to the posed questions is “No”, then, please query yourself.

To me, all the kids have a different story and every story of them contains a huge history. We often think unexpectedly how innocent children pass their lives by having nothing to enjoy. Because they have everything but yet nothing!

Out of 100% I am pretty sure 99% people have not pondered about the lives of the innocent children.

The little kids are seen wearing torn clothes, torn shoes even on the beautiful occasions like Eid. They speak in dead silence.

During the eve of Eid yet the children are seen in search of food. They literally do not ask the rich for new shoes and new clothes, but they do get hurt seeing kids of their own ages who are adorned and embellished. They do get hurt. Have you ever seen such children in your life? I guess, certainly, most people witness such pathetic occurrences.

Try to hear their unspoken words. They speak in no words! Try to feel their pain. They cry in silence! Try to read their emotions and brighten their souls. It gives you everything, but takes nothing from you.

Alikely, Eid for teenagers can be a day of forgiveness. Forgiveness to all the mishaps they have mistakenly or deliberately done. If you are a teenager and yet argue to my given statement, then think of your past Eids.

I believe, the first thing in the morning comes into your mind is hugging your parents and asking them for forgiveness. Then, directly taking up your phone and sending a chat of forgiveness in shape of wishing a happy Eid to all of your friends and those who you know. You might agree.

And have you ever thought of Eid for adults? Huh, you might have not. I, too, have never thought before. But this is exactly the stound we think of the aforementioned say.

I confidently state that Eid for adults is a preparation and collection of money. They are pretty sure that their children ask for Eidi and they can never deny. For, they have endless love for their children. They buy their children every new stuff. Collection of money and granting Eidi for rich people is not a big deal. But are all adults rich? Nowise!

There are numerous adults who are perturbed to providing three times of food to their children. How can they afford to buy their children new stuffs and give them Eidi? In consequence, Eid for some adults is a worry. They brood and humanity unhears.

“No rainbow without rain” and to me No Eid without humanity. O’ Humankind, I am like pleading to you, be the human. Be a humanitarian. For God’s sake do not celebrate when humans are crying. You, too, are a part of it!

Poverty is a truth universally, but having a little thought for others makes all the difference. Think about the celebration and forbidden when little spirits are sobbing. Do not get together the screams of happiness with the screams of emotions. Darkness appears when the little spirits cry.

Every little spirit is God’s child. He truly loves them. He never ever wants them to cry in pains and silence. But their silence is the answer of your questions. They are searching God in you. Your little smile and help rekindle their souls in no time.

Eid bespeaks humanity. Eid is a celebration when the world is happy, when spirits are united, when equity is equality, and when charity is the greatest of all virtues.

Do not only prepare yourself to be a true Muslim, prepare yourself to be a true human as well. Be a source to make the world happy. Share your stuffs to those who are in need. Helping the helpless children of God prevails the beauty of God!

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