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Lockdown and internet problems in Turbat

Lockdown in Turbat

Lockdown in Turbat city is just a nominal phenomenon. The people of Turbat are not abiding by the rules and regulations of the authorities. They are aware of stretching of Corona virus in adjoining districts, but they are still gathered with one another.

Unfortunately, the authorities in Turbat are not dispatching this circumstance seriously as if it is not a dangerous virus. They are not strictly behaving with their set rules.

Finally, we request the local administration of Turbat city to look after the circumstances with great concern.

Arsalan Sayad
Turbat, Kech


Internet problem in Turbat

Turbat is the second largest city of Balochistan. Sadly, it has no data internet facilitities which is troubling the students a lot including the other residents.

Looking at the current situations, all the educational institutions are closed. However, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has announced for online classes. With no data internet and a very slow PTCL internet in Turbat, how is it possible to cover online classes?

Hence, government of Balochistan should solve the problem of internet in Turbat as soon as possible.

Ayesha Bashir

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