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Objectives of universities

Objectives of Universities

A university is a platform for the higher education. Similarly, it has disparate objectives to work on. A great number of people think the main objective of universities is to provide job to the educated youths. Whereas, some other think that universities are obligatory for the development of a country. I firmly believe that universities are the platform to bring awareness among the young generation about their capabilities. It develops the skills and knowledge they need. It makes the learners ready to face newer and harder challenges in life.

On a similar account, it makes the learners independent and confident. It makes the students ready to face every kind of challenge in their lives and fight against them other than giving up.

Besides this, universities conduct various programs which helps to bring awareness about the new world and upcoming difficulties. It makes a student realize about his/her abilities by providing them the ‘stage’ to show their talents. It sharpens the skills through the programs as well. When the students get to a stage, they gain more confidence and become stronger.

Additionally, good skills are required for every student. Universities are the essential sources to improve skills such as writing, reading, learning and presenting etc.

In fact, universities are able to enhance one’s knowledge because of their highly qualified staff. They make students involved in diverse activities which escalates their comprehension and makes them able to take steps with modern world. Moreover, universities provide opportunities to the students to go and visit other universities which makes the students independent. From sharing their thoughts in different places they become confiding and strong enough to confront the world.

More importantly, from visiting different platforms, students can learn more and the fear of facing people gets vanished which is one of the biggest signs of confidence. When a student faces various trying times in his/her university life, so their confidence level goes high. The students never think of looking back and always move forward to their upcoming life.

In my perspective, university programs are the best ways to realize your abilities. Because of the programs their learning power becomes stronger and more admirable. University programs are not only beneficial for students but for the society as well. Universities play the biggest role to function for a prosperous and happy nation. Because of the university teachers and the smooth environment, our youths learn to be responsible towards their country and work for a better future.

All in all, university develops your knowledge and skills through the qualified teachers. The work of your teachers is to make your future bright and irreplaceable. Lastly, university gives you the chance to travel along with your classmates and teachers and share your thoughts In front of huge crowds of unalike places. That is what makes you confident and independent.

The writer is a former student of Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy (DELTA). She is based in Turbat.

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