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The search for God

The Search of God

There existed loneliness and quietness over to conceal the clamorousness in the room of Meerak. He, with larging eyes, is sitting in front of window observing the period of time when sun awakes to spread its brightness from hidden clouds. The birds suddenly begin praising Allah with beautiful sounds of joys. A cold wind is blowing to throw its coldness on Meerak. The song of joyfulness is being sung by birds and the colourful flowers are dancing listening to the melodious voice of birds.

“How interesting the beauty of nature is and how wonderfully God has shaped this world!” Meerak quoted to himself observing the phantasm of God. When heeding the name of God, he reacted as though he awoke from a deep slumber. He started repeating the name of God in his mind over and again.

“Meerak”, his mother called him when she entered in his room.

Meerak is a 9-year little boy. Being so young, he looks so cute with his dimpled cheeks. In his young age, Meerak has owned an interest with nature and a great love with its Creator.

Meerak got startled from a heavy fancy while he heard his mother.

“Yes mom, are you calling me?” Replied Meerak with a hesitant tone.

“Yes, get ready, we are going to your uncle’s home.” Informed his mom.

“Mom, you should go, I have an important work.” Meerak refused to his mom. She agreed.

Meerak’s mom left for his uncle’s home.
Meerak was greatly pleased when he found himself alone at home. He took a bag with some cakes, chocolates and a bottle of water. He got wayed out from home.

“Meerak baba, where are you going?” Asked the maid when she saw him on the main road.

“For the search of God.” Replied Meerak confidently and started his journey.

The complete day Meerak looked thoroughly high and low, but disappointedly failed to get God and got disappointed. His hope was gradually disappearing. He went and sat on a beach. He felt hungry. He just had started eating the cakes he brought with him.

An old man was sitting near Meerak keeping his hunger eyes on Meerak.
Meerak realized the man was hungry. He shared a piece of cake with him. The man gave a soft smile to Meerak and just had eaten the cake.

Meerak loved that smile and just wanted to see that smile over and over again. So, he shared another cake with the old man. The old man smiled and he ate the cake.

Meerak was over-joyed from the soft smile of that man. He stood up and hugged the man with sparking eyes and recalled in his mind, “I have searched the God.”

After leaving the old man that day, he planned to get back to his home. On the way, he saw a lady who wanted to cross the road, but because of the rush of vehicles she could not. Meerak saw that old lady, he painstakingly held the hands of that lady and helped her in crossing the road. The lady became very happy. She thanked Meerak with a smile and prayed for him with these words, “May Allah bless you, little boy”.

The joy for searching God just enhanced for Meerak when he got another smile. “I have searched God”, said Meerak to himself.

Meerak was glad and happy. He ran towards his home. The maid saw Meerak with a happy face.

“Meerak, have you searched God?” Interrogated the maid.

“Yes, I have searched God”, expressed Meerak with great delight.

The maid was shocked when she listened to the answer of Meerak.

“Where?” Questioned the maid confusingly.

“In every goodness God came in front of me. I have searched God in shape of a smile”, exclaimed Meerak confidently.

The maid could not understand what Meerak was actully saying.

“Of course, God is present everywhere though He cannot be seen, but He comes in very goodness we show.” Added the maid after the answer of Meerak.

“God is nowhere but in every heart and in every goodness. No need of searching Him, if you want to search God, help His creatures and get Him.” Explained Meerak with a cute smile and ran towards upstairs.

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