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Coronavirus and pakistani clerics

After the outbreak of the deadly virus covid-19, the global scenario has changed. The developed and underdeveloped countries are suffering from this outbreak. Howbeit, the unavailability of vaccine compelled people to follow social distance and stay indoors. During this critical juncture, many masses are refusing to accept such challenging precautions.
More importantly, the clerics are suggesting the people to offer five times prayer in the mass-gathering. They believe that the pandemic is spreading due to our sins and because we are not following the teachings of Islam and the religion means everything for us.
The coronavirus cases in the South Asian  countries are  increasing exponentially on the daily basis. And the first virus epicenter China has eradicated virus through taking aggressive measures including social control and intrusive surveilance.
What needs to be understood is that by following such precautions, we can defeat virus.
While many other Islamic countries have shut down mosques and banned mass prayers after the emergence of coronavirus. Even the holiest place of Muslim, kaabah is closed due to virus threats.
Allowing shiite pilgrims without any proper management and thousands of sunni worshippers to go ahead with the ‘tablighi jammat’ congregation which resulted in a spike of infections. As health experts already indicated that the government’s measures are inadequate for coping with COVID-19.
Muhammad Naseem
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