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Restore data services in Kech

Kech district is said to be one of the intellectual hubs of Balochistan. It is also the second most populous district of Balochistan with around 1 million population. There is a university and a medical college with over 4,500 students. Unfortunately, for the last three years 3G/4G services have remained suspended in the district.

75 percent of its population lives in rural areas who cannot avail facility of PTCL system. Students are already overwhelmed with stress and social changes caused by lockdowns and uncertainty. Most people and students don’t get to know about what’s happening in the province, country and in the world.

The lack of internet also means that the proposed online classes by HEC will remain a stillborn dream for most of the students in Kech. Being denied internet services in these times is a punishment that no one deserves.

This unavailability of the mobile data services is also denying people from the basic information and guidance of saving themselves from coronavirus pandemic. Definitely, internet services provide information and knowledge.

On humanitarian grounds the concerned authorities need to restore data services in the region in order to save the lives of people through awareness programs.

Aziz Hasil


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