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Restoration of Bolan Medical College

BUMHS turned into a den of problems. If we look at the policies of the administration, they are all quite troublesome. No doubt quandaries are created by the head of the institution (VC Naqeeb), who unreasonably is disturbing the students, staff and driving them to unrest like protest and strikes.

In addition, APCA and BMC students have been protesting for the last 56 days but there was no hearing. They all were protesting against the unreasoned fee hike and privatization of BMC. The students were peacefully protesting and during the sit-in, crackdown from the police and the arrest of the protestors made the situation worse.

Instead of providing security, the police found an inappropriate attitude and arrested accomplices and took them to the police station. After being removed by the police, the female students reached the press club and resumed their sit-in and in awhile it was shifted in front of Balochistan Assembly until the Government representatives assured in writing that on 13 of Feb till 3 pm they will take action against incompetent VC who is always backed by Governor and all efforts will be commenced for the restoration of Bolan medical college.“

Since the college was promoted to university, examinations have not been held on time”, the students were forced to stage protests rather than studying. He said the BMC was a prestigious medical institution and the government must take steps to preserve the sanctity of the institution and save the precious time of students of Balochistan. According to the rules, VC can only be a person who holds a degree of Ph.D, but Naqeeb posses an FCPS equivalent to MS. The only solution to laundry of all problems is the restoration of BMC college.

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