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Life is indeed a journey

Life is a journey in which you may have some common or similar journeys, as a social person, you encounter loads of human beings and connect and exchange certain kinds of relationships, and each entity is like a scheme or story in your head, but there are some individuals who can be more than narratives, who mean a lot.

As a student of Karachi University, I have completed a 4-year journey and this cycle reaches loads of people as my instructor, class fellows and university fellows. What can be said about the friends who exchanged countless memories at the same period? They looked after like mothers, assisted like fathers encouraged like brothers and made fun and told nonsense stories like sisters and some time they behaved like children and classmates like me (except some) were just aggressive machines that were dedicated to the outcome, not the path of this dedication.

The real meaning of being a student is how to improve communication skills and the strength of persuasion. I feel lucky to spend time with such men, including puzzled celebrities such as Ayesha Ibrahim and Saljooq Hudaya, in a special way of thinking and loving.

Saljooq was the guy who had no time to advertise his skills and he had a lot to give to others whenever we asked for help, the brilliant man never refused. What did Ibrahim use to think about Ayesha? It’s actually getting close to the people as they give a little affection, but Ayesha’s devotion, concern, and encouragement have no limits. She joined us in our third year of B.S. but she overshadowed my thoughts as if she had been with me since my childhood.

I was sorry that I didn’t join her business a few days ago, she became a part of life and prayers I wish I would never miss her at any stage of my life and finally thanks to those who have been good to me and especially thanks to God for creating such a precious gift in shape of Ayesha to show that the stars are not just heavenly possessions that Mother Earth also possesses, but such stars like Ayesha also exist that give light to others.

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