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Exploring the beauty of Balochistan through lenses

And one day
they discovered
That they were fierce
And strong
And full of fire
And that not even
They could hold
themselves back
Because their passion
Burned brighter
Then their fears
Their camera lenses
Were more energetic
Then the world

Photographers capture every moment and they bring them to life, though many of us capture photos but we are not photographers; however, that does not mean we are not capturing moment and bringing it to life, we do too capture it with that intensity.

It is enchanting to capture moments in your frame though you might never get to see those moments again, but those moments are captured in your frame forever. Taking pictures is savouring life intensely. Such Captured moments prove that you’re alive and it’s for the world to see your moments.

A perfectly natural tribute to my enchanting motherland Balochistan where numerous of Baloch photographers are busy in exploring it.

Wether that exploring is observing its nature, admiring the summary of a spider web, the dew drops glistening on a night, a blooming flower, thrashing waves of ocean, wandering under the endless sky of Balochistan, in the pitch Dark night, Distortions of sound abound

Ruffling of tree leaves Sounding with intensity Senses attuned to the Sounds and madness or the scream, pain, helplessness and deprivations starvation all are captured in their cameras at a click and a flash for generations to come.

There is so much beauty of Balochistan that we cannot afford to lose. There is so much adventures that need to be chased. There is Glassy lake, wind, clouds, perfection’s near as the moment dwindles into night are patiently waiting for the perfect photographer.

Young Ilyas Allah Baksh Baloch from Pasni, has made quite a name for himself with his heartwarming works and photography along with Pasni boys, group of young photographers who are delving into the beauty of Balochistan. And after the success of Gwadar photo walk where 36 photographers from different areas joined, now Ilyas Allah Baksh is preparing for Turbat photo walk which will be held on 9th November 2019 at 3:30 pm in Meeri Kalat, Meeri Turbat where several photographers will be capturing Turbat through their lenses.

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