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Education and Mehristan

Education is to treat human brains. The minds with highly intellects discover the universe. It is the matter of fact that education mobilizes, socializes and humanizes which differentiates men from that of animals.

The world travelled from world wars to peace, stone age to modern and post-modern ages, from a book to discover planets likewise recently discovered planet named Proxima b.

Education is recognized as human rights in most of the states’ constitutions. Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the first international legal instrument that recognizes education as human right. “Everyone has the right to education”, article 26 states. In the constitution of Pakistan, it is stated, “the state shall cater free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years.”

Mehristan ( Balochistan ) is, however, neglected in all means despite being the largest, resource-rich province and contributing more in the county’s GDP. Still, the children of Mehristan just sculpture and draw the pictures of pen and books on woods and papers but practicality of education emergency is beyond someone’s imagination.

The bourgeois ruling class of Mehristan and federal government should be ashamed of being so irresponsible and opportunist on the circumstances of Balochistan, which lacks most of the fundamental rights particularly education, health and pure water, in this 21th century. Definitely, the hypocritic elite rulers of the province just make fool the people by using the tag of Baloch to publicize their genocidal, (illiterating a nation is a genocide) and mind killing politics.

The bourgeois and petty bourgeoisie mentality potentates have zero attention towards education and health of Mehristan but they strive to evince their existence on social media and Balochistan government is running on twitter, according to CM Balochistan.

Whereas, Economic Surrey of Pakistan ranks “Balochistan the most ignored province in Pakistan”. Audit and check and balance are zero in all sectors, specifically education and health which encourages corruption and inflation among education officers, bureaucrats and also ministers.

On the other hand, above 5000 teachers are ghost and it is estimated that the largest resource-rich province has 12500 primary schools and 7000 schools have no teachers and infrastructures but are jotted down in files and teachers receive salary. Alas! 2.3 million children are out of Schools and 1.1 million children can get primary education but half of them go for higher education but the rest of them…

Let’s put a glance over curriculum, the designed curriculum of primary and secondary education in Mehristan ( land of loving people) is thoroughly outdated and beyond the psyche of Balochistan, the children are taught about Mounjodaro but not Mehrgarh, they are taught about Aziz Batti but not Aziz Kurd, Muhammad Hussain Anqa, GulKhan Naseer and Syad Zahoor Shah Hashmi, they are obviously taught Arabic, English and Urdu but not Balochi and Brahui and also conflict materials are added to divide a nation by language. It is obvious that the particular team is killing the inhabitant minds. These are a few factors which cage brains. Unfortunately, the wisdom less degree holder ruling elite strives to increase bank balance and encourages nepotism and smashes provincial interests.

For God sake! Come forward and save your generation, the history is too much cruel and it never forgives. The nation selects you as representatives, but you increase your bank balance, deceive them and comprise on provincial interest against your personal interests.

Eventually, it is requested to the concerned authorities to functionalize all the schools which are ghosts and also commence auditing against ghost teachers and education officers. On the other hand, the students who are involved in activism and vigilant activists of Mehristan (Balochistan) must take stand to aware the public about different issues and education. Teach the children of your own district or tehsil according to your level.

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