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BSAC-BUMHS Unit organizes lecture program on Baloch Society

Baloch Students Action Committee BUMHS Unit arranged a lecture program on “Baloch society”.

Organizer of  Baloch Doctors forum Dr Dildar Baloch delivered the lecture. Dr is doing his FCPS in medicine BMCH.

Dr said Baloch society won’t progress until we contribute for its development and prosperity.

Dr emphasized that We should utilize all available institutions as our platforms to create awareness among the Baloch masses.

Dr believes there is a dire need of career counselling for the upcoming generation so that they have a clear vision and idea of contributing for the betterment and progress of their society.

While pointing out the reason of our backwardness in the age of 21st century, he said it was all due to lack of unity among the Baloch population and we have prioritized personnel benefits and interests over societal cause.

“Your field doesn’t matter, whether you are a doctor or a teacher, you just should have the vision of serving the society as much as you can”, concluded Dr Dildar Baloch.

At the end of the lecturer, students posed several questions to clarify their concept over the societal issues

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