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Future belongs to Baloch youth, the students are required to implement their knowledge in practical life, Chairman Nawab Baloch

Baloch students action committee (BSAC UOB UNIT) held a lecture program on” current political situation” on organizational discipline”on 4th july 2019 at Balochistan university Quetta.

The lecture was delivered by central chariman of Baloch Students Action Committee dr Nawab Baloch and vice president of UOB unit Zehra Baloch.

Zehra Baloch talking to the gathering said we are bestowed a great platform where can unite all Balochistan. Being a member of one of most leading students it’s our responsibility to work for students. We are here to benefit the students. We should participate in political debate and engage our fellows too. She further said students politics is quite much necessary as it will boost the inner talent of students . She urged all members to participate in organizational program and spread the message of organization.

Second speaker of lecture program was central chairman BSAC dr nawab Baloch. He talked about the current political situation. He said space for student politics has shrunken. Students activities are banned in Balochistan. Being the responsible student organization it was respsonsiblity to raise political awareness among the students as these students will lead our society tomorrow. He emphasized the students to engage themselves in political discussion and debate . He pointed out the weakness in students politics . He said we consider the definition of politics as reforming the society. And its our responsibility to challenge the traditional norms which are harming our society. Future belongs to educated Baloch youth.

Report by BSAC

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