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Politicized Education System in Naseerabad

This is most unfortunate that the education system in Naseerabad district
has become highly politicized.
The adjustments and transfers of teachers made on political grounds by the official concerned in Naseerabad district are at large.

Wide spread irregularities in the transfer and postings of teachers in district education office Naseerabad have surfaced, exposing political interference and influence exercised by members of the assemblies , rendering the entire process of postings dubious.

The scores of affected teachers have threatened to resort to courts over the sheer breach of norms of merit in the process of transfers and postings.

In order to win the favour of the political leadership, the official concerned sidelined the respective officers and staff.

The Education Department sources dubs all the irregularities committed in the matters relating to the postings and transfers as political interference.Under the policy primary schoolteachers should be adjusted in their own schools if vacant posts are available.

Many Primary schoolteachers were transferred from their localities due to political involvement.

The future of thousands of schoolchildren is at stake as the majority of the teachers are focusing on their politicized transfers instead of teaching.
 Victimized teachers demand that authorities should take notice of the issue of transfers made on political grounds. 

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