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Pneumonia disease kills 4 people in Kohlu

Kolhu is a district of Balochistan where different kind of diseases are effecting the poor residents. At least four people including three children died due to a pneumonia outbreak in Kohlu in the recent past, which also left more than 30 people sick.

The outbreak in the Tambeel area of the district has affected dozens of people, including children. More than 30 people are admitted in DHQ hospital and the patients are suffering due to unavailability of doctors and medicine.

The patients are demanding doctors and medicine but no one listens to them. The people of Kohlu are now compelled to follow old prescription of using sheep fur for treating their patients stricken with pneumonia.

The residents have demanded immediate treatment for patients. Therefore, the matter being sensitive needs to be treated on top priority. The authorities must take serious steps.

Fida Zaman


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