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PSTA appreciates the efforts of Kech Civil Society

We appreciate the great & utmost efforts of the Advocate Ejaz Ahmed for forming the Kech Civil Society who intended to rid of the problems in our society and make the Kech great again to let everyone lives a prosperous life. We endorse the Advocate Ejaz Ahmed & his team tremendous amount of efforts to burn the midnight oil & put tireless efforts to raise every voices from poor people to Private School Teachers problems as well internet problems and other local issues.

Today we are shocked to learn that Advocate Ejaz Ahmed is being emotionally black mailed or being given sake of personal or family relationships that you shouldn’t look up the Private schools problems or don’t take any action against them. We strongly condemn such shameful and ridiculous acts.

In addition, we urge the Kech Bar Council Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Kech Zone, Makran Welfare Trust and other activists and organizations to intervene on this serious matter and be a stronger voice for all of us.

Moreover, we warn the Private Schools Association this is 2018 you already terminated a batch of teachers in 2009 & 2013 who formed Private School Teachers Association Kech – PSTA to fight for their rights. But before they do it but they are fired from their job. You people should not forget that your schools are being run by the hardworking teachers not you who just collect money and being richer day by day and no one asking anything to which is biased.

We make it crystal clear to everyone that Private School Teachers Association Kech has been formed under the constitution of Pakistan Article 17 Freedom of Association and Inter. We are working under constitutional acts of Pakistan.

We are looking forward the actions from across the board against the private sectors who are not letting us to do our job within constitution of Pakistan.

By: Private School Teachers Association Kech Team

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