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Why students have to sit on hunger strikes for basic rights?

Dr. Younis Ellahi and Dr. Farhad Kareem, two brilliant students of MBBS final year in BMC, are sitting on a hunger strike till death from last 3 days against the unfair result of final year examinations. Their health is constantly deteriorating. They do not demand to be passed by any unfair means but their demand is simply for the fair result of the examination.

It is not the first time students are sitting on strike for their rights, but from last few years after every 2, 3 months, they have been raising voice for their educational rights and against the irregularities in the educational system. This is beyond my comprehension, why do they always have to sit on hunger strikes for their basic rights? why have concerned authorities become so much irresponsible and senseless in this regard?

The professors who compel students for taking such steps are not only suppressing these students but are actually playing with the future of this nation. This discriminatory and illicit behavior of incompetent professors of BMC is causing disappointment among students and mentally torturing them, which is condemnable.

I appeal to the principal of Bolan Medical College and other concerned authorities to kindly look into this matter and solve this issue as soon as possible so that extortion of the educational rights of these students could be stopped. Otherwise, these daily strikes can move BMC on the verge of destruction. It is our sole responsibility to play our role in strengthening their voice against injustice.

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