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A brief history of Kech-e-Chenaal

A chenaal is basically a name of a tree in Balochi and Kech is the name of the place where this tree was present that’s why it’s called Kech e Chenaal, Kech e Chenaal was a central point for traders.

Traders usually traded goods from Iran to Kech and Kech to Iran. On the way when they felt tired, they used to sit under the Kech e Chenaal and later continued their journey so this was a central point and it was a very large tree.

One of  the most told stories about Kech e Chenaal is that one day when a trader was going from Kech to Iran or Iran to Kech he rested under the Kech e Chenaal and later started his journey when he reached his destination he remembered that he forgot his sword/ axe  under  the Kech e Chenaal. After some years when that men again came back to Kech e Chenaal and saw that his sword / axe  was still hanging under the Kech e Chenaal.

The reason can be two things; one is this that Kech e Chenaal was a very large tree so that’s why there was no time when people were not sitting as Kech e Chenaal was always full of people. So that’s why no one took that sword because every one taught it may be of a person sitting under the tree . From this story it’s said that Kech e Chenaal was a very big and large tree .

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