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Adeel Baloch From the streets of Lyari to BARCA

From Liyari with love. Liyari, a name everyone has heard on tv for one reason or another some may have heard it’s name for it’s gang war related news while others may have heard about the Police operations in Liyari but despite being a ghetto like place there’s one thing that takes Liyari’s miseries away and unite them and its FOOTBALL.

Football in Liyari is so famous that it’s often called the Pakistani Brazil or mini Brazil, and coincidentally Brazil has a huge fan following in Liyari too and during World cup times, Brazilian flags can be seen everywhere in Liyari, form being painted on the walls to flying high on the rooftops while flags of other countries like Argentina, Spain, France and Italy can also be seen around town.

Out of those thousands of Football players, one lucky kid, a Footballer from Liyari, named Adeel Hanif Baloch’s dreams finally came true through Karachi United. Through Barcelona project, Karachi United team consisting of 27 players flied to Spain and stayed there from 14th to 20th March 2018 to watch, play and learn football from the very best.

The young boy from Lyari is on the invite list to train with FC Barcelona’s coaches and is a hope of beacon for Lyari.

Fortunately, luck shined on Adeel and he was spotted by Karachi uinited. They saw his potential & took him up for training. McDonald’s Pakistan also learned about Adeel Hanif Baloch and have sought to help him reach his goals and meet his potential.

Adeel and his friends didn’t learn to play football in any academy or through school. They learned to play football by watching videos on Youtube .Their passion for the game became an obsession and they spent hours upon hours honing their skills.

Since his initial rise, Adeel has benefited from more exposure. In the last year, he’s been called up to train with @FCBarcelona coaches. He has also been chosen to demonstrate his skills in Doha.

Adeel Hanif says, “I train everyday with a dream to play for FCBarcelona I hope to get selected.”


Via: thefarsol & Benish Shah

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