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Bejjari, a proud cultural part of Baloch society

Bejjari is a great tradition in Baloch society coming from generation to generation, which means support. Before starting of a Balochi wedding the parents of the boy go for Bejjari to their close relatives.

The kith and Kin of groom’s parents give gold, cash money, goats, sheep or wheat within their capacity.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that Bejjari plays a significant role in supporting financial matter during the marriages. The very matter of fact is that Baloch history is often remembered with the name of Bejjari. If one shoots a glance over Baloch history, one surely finds Bejjari in most parts of Balochistan.

After Bejjari, Baloch start marriage invitation, owing to their relatives’ support, they collect every material object which they need in the duration of marriage.

By the help of the relatives, Bejjari has made a significant beautification of our culture, to boot. It is an ever-lasting part of our culture.

No doubt, nowadays people go for Bejjari once in a blue moon, but I take great pride in Bejjari which gets us to follow our culture, to boot.

There is no room left to doubt that Baloch who have a very rich history, is also blessed with a heart touching culture.

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