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Deterioration of Agriculture in Dasht

Meerani Dam, being the only mean of agriculture for the residents of Dasht and its near villages, has reached its dead levels.

The people who depended upon the only source of agriculture for their means of earning are miserably affected as the water supply to canals have been reduced since a long period of time.

In fact, Dasht is productive where the government of Balochistan can prioritize agriculture to generate profit from it. But it seems that our elected representatives are not keen to solve the issues being hardly coped by Dashtis.

What worsens the situation are the tankers that are providing water to the people of Gwadar and reducing the proportions of water being provided by the canals to people of Dasht. As a result, the residents of Dasht are not getting adequate water for agriculture to proceed their lives. There seems no possible solution to this problem.

Thus, it is highly implored to the higher authorities and Chief Minister of Balochista Abdul Quddoss Bezanjo to come up with a workable plan to bring an end to the problem being confronted by the farmers of Dasht.

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